A Day-By-Day Selection of Memorable Celebrity Weddings





Don’t just reach for the stars
Option One (Do It Yourself)

put yourself among some of the world’s most famous Hollywood icons past and present
legendary rock and pop stars
presidents and princesses
models and moguls and more

Download this free Word Template
Then create your own page like the one at left
with the same fonts and colors as in the book

Design, print, trim and slip it into the book to
commemorate your special day!

Or for a more elaborate version…


Option Two
(Professionally designed and printed)

Celebrate your wedding or anniversary in grand style
with a customized version of Weddings/365
a one-of-a-kind keepsake to share with family and friends forever

Your photos on the cover
Your dedication page
Your wedding day over six full-color pages

Your imagination’s the limit!

Minimum quantity 100 books / lead time three months
Prices begin at $10,000 / For more information, email us


About the Author
Harvey Solomon, the author

Listening, perhaps foolishly, to the muse favoring freelance writing over fulltime employment, I have navigated an itinerant literary path that includes several books about pop culture. Borrowing a line from Joni Mitchell's Free Man in Paris, for a time I was "stoking the star maker machinery" — alas, not in the City of Light but L.A.— by writing hundreds of articles about media and entertainment for publications from Adweek to The Hollywood Reporter to The Los Angeles Times to Variety. My creative credits include Law & Order, and in spare hours I strive to resuscitate latent table tennis skills.

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